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Vintage 1970s Groovy Lucite Sunglasses

Last month, while out picking, I made contact with the sweetest lady who had quite a story to tell me and I walked away with a fresh picking of NOS 1970s Made In France Multi-Color all Lucite Sunglasses!  In the mid 1990s she went to a local estate auction in her small town and bid on 5 boxes of NOS (new old stock) 1970s Jewelry that had been in the home of a Remco Distributer that provided groovy costume jewelry in this region to dime store outlets and drug stores.  At the end of the auction she was informed that the 5 “boxes” she had bid on and won were actually 5 pallets of NOS. Shazam!  She was in shock and had no means to store these purchased items, so after renting a truck, labor and a storage unit she stored away the 5 pallets of retro goodies for the past 15+ years.  Through the years she has sold small batches at yards sales and church rummage sales as well as handed out to friends and family members.  I was able to buy a large lot of jewelry from her in the early spring which featured peace rings, zodiac necklaces, etc.  Last month she phoned to let me know that she had stumbled onto a small box of sunglasses from this lot and I raced over to take a look – SCORE – a small lot of 1970s mod groovy all Lucite colored sunglasses! Each stamped MADE IN FRANCE.


Fresh Pickings ~ June 7, 2012



NOS 1970s Lucite Sunglasses

These quickly sold in my eBay auctions to the highest bidder and I still think I should have kept a pair – maybe the sunny yellow for myself – but I enjoyed them while I had them.  Just last week when doing some other mod merchandise research I located this great vintage advertisement for the shades – Giovani MODA.



Vintage Lucite Sunglass Magazine Ad