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Groovy 1960s Exotic Women from JH Lynch

Many of you MID Century Modern Art lovers are fully aware of the JH Lynch mass-produced artwork of exotic women from the 1960s. I own an “Autumn Leaves” by JH Lynch framed print that hangs in my living room. This image collage is a sampling of some of his work.

Top and across – “Autumn Leaves”, “Tina” and “The Woodland Goddess”

Bottom and across – “Nymph”, “Maria” and “Rose”

1960s JH Lynch Art

1960s JH Lynch Art

The JH Lynch artwork of these sultry women can be seen in the 1971 groovy movie “A Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick. Shown in this collage are screen shots of the movie where you can see “Nymph”, “Autumn Leaves” and “Tina”.

1971 "A Clockwork Orange” movie screen shots featuring JH Lynch Art

1971 “A Clockwork Orange” movie screen shots featuring JH Lynch Art

I love and adore my JH Lynch “Autumn Leaves” framed print that was mass produced in the 1960s by Turner Wall Accessories out of Chicago, IL, that hangs in my living room.  Then recently while out picking, I scored a “mystery JH Lynch”, which I thought to be his “Tina”, but there are obvious issues after review – 1. This is NOT a print, but an original PAINTING on board, with a signature that I cannot read that does not appear to be JH Lynch and 2. “Tina” is reversed to the tree, which is on her right, not the left as in his known version of “Tina”. So I thought a PBN, I looked closely and no it’s not a paint-by-number, so maybe a fan artist knockoff?  It’s certainly a vintage piece and created during that same era in the 1960s or maybe the 1970s.  It’s a very well done painting, simply beautiful. So my mystery JH Lynch Style “Tina” is hanging out in the MOD Squad Picking office till I can find her MODvelous new home. Anyone with any suggestions or feedback on my “Tina” painting, please feel free to email me at candace@modsquadpicking.com.


JH Lynch “Autumn Leaves” Hanging In The MOD Squad Picking Pad

JH Lynch “Autumn Leaves” Hanging In The MOD Squad Picking Pad

JH Lynch style Mystery “Tina” Painting

JH Lynch style Mystery “Tina” Painting

Artist Info:
Joseph Henry Lynch (28 October 1911 – 16 January 1989) was a British artist, better known under his signature J.H. Lynch. His mass reproduced paintings of sultry women, especially Tina (1964) make him one of the protagonists of Mass Market Art. Nymph, Autumn Leaves and Woodland Goddess are some of his best known works, some of which are shown in the movie A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick and also on the cover of one of Edwyn Collins’ singles.

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I Dream Of Jeannie Horses Wall Art


Fresh Pickings ~ February 17, 2012

I just have to share this fabulous piece of retro vintage wall art story that links back to the TV Show “I Dream Of Jeannie” (1965-1970).  Last year, I started setting up our DVR to begin recording many retro TV Shows to watch for enjoyment but also to look at the set designs to help me spot items that I may find when out picking.  Between my recordings of Family Affair, Mary Tyler Moore and The Brady Bunch, I also recorded and watched the TV series “I Dream of Jeannie”.  Toward the end of the season of the show,  when Jeannie marries Major Nelson, and they return from their honeymoon there is an episode where Jeannie decides to redecorate their groovy home.  The new set design was a MOD Mid Century Modern dream and I was instantly drawn to a large orange (orange being my favorite color ever) Horse wall Art piece now featured on the show at the bottom of the stairs as seen in screen shot image.


I Dream of Jeannie TV Show Set

Then fast forward to February of this year, while out picking, I hit a small thrift store in a rural town and there it sat. The wall art was large with vibrant hues of orange and 2 standing groovy horses in a wooden frame signed by artist – Lee Burr.  The same wall art I remembered from the TV Show “I Dream Of Jeannie.” After some research I learned that like many groovy wall art pieces from the 1950s -1970s, this was a mass produced piece distributed by Turner Wall Accessories. I am so excited to own this groovy vintage replica and I love having it hang in our living room in the Mod Squad Picking pad.  My rule with picking is that I only buy what I love and I list all my picking finds for sell. So this piece is listed in the Mod Squad Picking shop – just with the “crazy I love it” price!


Hanging the Mod Squad Picking Pad

Update: October 29, 2012

My Lee Burr Horse wall Art has sold. I truly love all the items that I pick ~ It’s my rule, pick with you love – so if I am stuck with it, I can love/enjoy it. I have really enjoyed this MID Century Modern Lee Burr Horse Wall Art (as seen in the TV Series “I Dream Of Jeannie” living room decor), but alas it has now sold and will be loved by another. ♥

Collage_Lee Burr