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Vintage “Big Eye Kids” Wall Art

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, from other vintage retro fans, how much they love what is known as “BIG EYE KIDS” wall art.  Many comments reflecting how they had the big eye kids wall art on their bedroom walls as children growing up in the 1950s through the 1970s.  This type of retro “Big Eye” Kids wall art was mass produced  and is sought after today by many that want to express their hipster side or capture moments/memories of their childhood when this kitsch wall art hung on their bedroom walls. The art itself ranges from kids, ballerinas, Harlequin Kids, MOD GoGo dancers and beyond. The BIG EYE in the art is in the eye of the beholder. Some known Artist for this type of art are: Eden, Eve, GoJi, Igor Pantuhoff, Katz, Lee, Maio, Margaret Keane, Medeiros, Walter Keane, Ozz Franca and WM Otto to name a few.

I am always drawn to type of wall art and you can easily score these on occasion at your local thrift shops, yards sales and rummage sales for just a few dollars.  They can also be found online and can vary in price anywhere for $24.00 to $100 a pair, which shows the demand of vintage lovers wanting that touch of their childhood memory to now adorn their adult retro pads.  Just today, while out picking and hitting my favorite haunts I scored a trio set of Ozz Franco Framed Kids as shown in this image of today’s Fresh Pickings haul!


Fresh Pickings ~ February 29, 2012

I located a set of 4 Harlequin Big Eye kids art by GoJi about 10 years ago.  Simple cardboard wall art in white cheaply made plastic frames and decided to make the set into a piece of MOD art work by removing the from the plastic frames and taking them to my local frame show to be matted and framed in a metal copper frame and set in glass. They have been in my MOD Squad Picking office keeping me company every since.

120907_office (5)

Big Eye Wall Art Hanging in the Mod Squad Picking Office

I love this Groovy wall art and I am always searching for it when out Picking. Here’s a sampling of some of the BIG EYE wall art I have picked and sold.