Groovy 1960s Go-Go Girls Wall Art

I am often asked what is my most memorable or favorite picking find?  I now have that answer! I scored this rare 4-piece set of Paul Detlefsen 1967 Go-Go Girls wall art last month from an estate auction and I am crushing and loving on them.  These were produced in the late 1960s and mass produced by Turner wall Accessories in both a small 9” size and this large 30” height size.  There have been a few of the individual pieces found and sold, but to score a full large set of 4 makes them an exceptional rare find. Each groovy Go-Go girl is dated and imprint signed by artist, Paul Detlefsen, and I have to say that they are to die for. It’s one of those beloved finds that if they do not sell, I will not be heart-broken, and will be retro happy to have them.


Fresh Pickings ~ April 20, 2012

I like to refer to them as interns in the Mod Squad Picking office where they hang and dance and keep the mojo flowing during my work hours as I list other groovy merch!

120907_office (9)

Hanging in the Mod Squad Picking Office

Update: December 6, 2012

I think most of you know I PICK by one rule ~ pick and buy only what I love. So if I am stuck with something I love it or while I am waiting to find a new MOD home, I can enjoy it. Well the time has come – my beloved 1967 Go-Go Girl wall art pieces have sold. They have been hanging/dancing in the MOD Squad Picking office all year long ~ now they will be packed and shipped to a new groovy home in New Jersey!  ♥




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